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Island Bridal Hair design by Adiel

Making sure your walk down the aisle is your own red carpet.

Frequently Asked Bridal Hair Questions

When should I have my haircut and/or colored?

If you get your hair colored on a regular basis then about a week before is best, same with the cut if you are having a trim, it gives the hair time to settle and you won’t have any obvious signs of a re-growth. If you are thinking of experimenting and having a change of style or color, I would recommend doing this well ahead of the wedding but do make sure that your new cut will accommodate the bridal style you would like!

I have short hair what can I do?

There are many styles that can work on short hair and I can email you some pictures of short hair bridal styles. You may think about growing it out a little to accommodate a particular style you are interested in and I would recommend a trial before hand. Short can be fun and elegant.

What can I do to help you on the morning of the wedding, for instance should I wash my hair and what should I be wearing?

Wearing something that can easily be removed when the time comes to put your dress on, you don’t want it to disturb your hair or make up. I do recommend washing your hair the night before and letting it air dry with a little mousse or light gel. If you have oily or fine hair please wash it the morning of your wedding without any conditioner and let it air dry without product.

How long will it take on the day?

The time it takes to complete your hair on your wedding day really depends on the style you're having and of course how many additional members of the wedding party require my services, generally speaking makeup application normally takes around and 60 minutes Bridal Hair design takes about 60 minutes, 30 minutes for each additional adult and 30 minutes each for flower girls etc. so it is a case of adding up the approximate allotted times and add another 30 minutes for set up.

How many people can you style on the day?

It’s really down to who is having their hair styled and the complexity of the styles but should it be required I can call on additional stylists to assist on the day.

What happens if you are sick or have an accident?

In the unlikely event that this should occur, I work part time in a salon and have numerous qualified contacts that could take my place of even help out on the day, I take detailed notes and keep a file of photos for each Bride.

How will I secure my wedding date?

Please email me and we can work out date availability and times.

Do I need to have a trial?

It is your own personal choice and what works best for you-I am happy just to work from a photo. If you feel more comfortable I offer a free consultation at my salon or you can book a trial with me before hand.

How do I choose a style for my bridesmaids?

Your bridesmaids hair should not out shine yours but at the same time you want it to compliment a number of other things-your hair, your dress and their dresses. If you are having something simple for yourself why not choose a style a little more extravagant for the bridesmaids, on the same hand if your style is very elaborate you wouldn’t want the bridesmaids to be as well-just a simple pleat or chignon can look stunning. It can look nicer if they all have something similar but if this isn’t possible due to length and hair thickness

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, or Check payable to Adiel Sneary